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Laura Murray, Agent

Arenal Lake Partners was founded under the leadership of Laura Murray. Laura lived in Costa Rica for eight years, most of that time at Lake Arenal. Before moving to Costa Rica, Laura's career spanned many years in the real estate and construction industries in the U.S. She was a licensed Realtor in both Washington and Colorado. For the last several years, Laura has been the only Realtor at Lake Arenal licensed by the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors. Added to Laura's extensive real estate background, her years of experience in Costa Rica, and intensive study and testing have led Laura to a new career as a Global Mobility Specialist working for an international company in the United States. She continues to communicate her expertise to the staff of Arenal Lake Partners, the only agency at Lake Arenal with membership in the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors.

Laura Murray, broker
Coryn Wallen, Property Manager
Coryn's painting of Macaws
Macaws by Coryn
We rely on Coryn of CW Property Management to help people who inquire about rentals at Lake Arenal. Coryn has lived at Lake Arenal for eight years and so is well known and very knowlegeable about the properties, communities and activities at the lake. A taleted artist, her paintings are on display at various restaurants and galeries at the lake and elsewhere. She is a great help to people seeking short or long-term rentals at Lake Arenal.
Coryn Wallen and daughter Cristel
Coryn and daughter Cristel
Alex Murray, Webmaster
Alex Murray is the agency's self-taught webmaster, who has learned enough Photoshop and Dreamweaver to present our many for-sale properties on the Internet with an array of informative photos for each one. He has disdained putting a copyright or watermark on the photos, however, with the result that many of his photos can be found on the website of another agency at the lake. Alex Murray 200
In Costa Rican real estate, experience matters
The most important parts of a Costa Rican real estate purchase are the contract/offer and the due diligence period immediately following acceptance of the offer. This is why you should choose an agent with extensive experience in these matters. Purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, while seemingly simple, is a process unlike what most people from the U.S. and Canada are accustomed to. There are no laws regarding escrow, and you cannot simply expect a title or escrow company to ascertain that everything is done in an orderly and thorough manner. This is where Arenal Lake Partners comes in. When you are ready to purchase, we are here to make sure that each step of the way is done for you in a professional and straightforward manner. We look forward to working with you soon!
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Founded by a Broker previously licensed in Colorado and Washington