Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
B-Green Sustainable Houses

B-Green is a 20-lot development of environmentally friendly homes, each in a unique design. The homes are of 1000 to 2000 square feet built, according to the builder, "to minimize maintenance requirements and preclude waste." They are adjacent to the Hotel Tilawa Windsurfing Resort near the western end of lake Arenal. Homeowners will have the use of Tilawa facilities, including the laeview swimming pool and the tennis court.

Also according to the builder, "The focus of b-green is to use the finest of proven green technologies and sustainable construction practices. It’s a quality of life choice with the turn-key home ownership of a b-green Sustainable Home." Already done is the Boomerang House. The second, the Boxtop, is well advanced. Others will include the Leaf House, the Caracol House, the Wedged House, the China House (a shipping container home), the Mayan, the Exclamation Point, and 11 more.

Early work on the unique Boomerang shapes.
Early work on
the Boomerang
and, on the
right, the forest-
view patio.
A wide covered patio looks out on the forest.
The Boomerang kitchen.
The unique
shapes of the
kitchen, and the
bathroom seen
from outside.
The Boomerang bathroom is behind this curved glass wall.
The B-Green development is next to the Hotel Tilawa Resort.
The Tilawa
Resort and, on
the right, the
"Boxtop," the
second "green"
The matchbox is the seond of the B-Green designs.
B-Green houseowners have use of the resort's facilities, including the lakeview swimming pool.
The hotel pool,
and a surfer
at the nearby
The hotel Tilawa caters especially to wind and kite-surfers.
The B-Green lots and the Tilawa Resort.
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