Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Buena Vista developments II and V
These are three developments 2 to 3 years old on the hillsides along the northwest side of the lake between La Tejona and Sabalito. BV 3 is on the little road up to La Teona, BV 2 on the road to Parceles and BV 5 on the road to Sabalito. There is a clubhouse and pool on both 2 and 5 as well as entrance gates. There is nothing on BV 3. Each development has excellent views to the lake and some to the Arenal Volcano, and some lots have been sold at each place, but no homes have been built.
Buena Vista II is divided into 19 lots on the steep gravel road to the Parcelas. The first two lots border the paved lake road 10 or 15 minutes from Tilaran. The lots vary in size from about 1/2 acre to over 2 1/2 acres. A clubhouse and swimming pools are planned. The lots have views of Lake Arenal and most have views of Arenal Volcano as well as the dormant Tenorio Volcano.
Buena Vista V is also divided into 19 lots on the pastured hillsides between the lake highway and the village of Sabalito. The entrance gate is off the the paved Sabalito road. On the opposite side the deveopment borders the Sabalito River and the three very large lots along the river have their own private entrance gates. There is a small clubhouse and pool already in place. Residents here also are to have use of Buena Vista VI, about 30 minutes away on the other side of Tronadora. Buena Vista VI is planned to be the equestrian center with a stable and riding trails as well as clubhouse, pool, etc.
The Arenal Volcano is visible from the lots in BV II BV II lots have wide views of Lake Arenal.
There are wide lake views at BV II and Arenal Volcano is visible from most lots, though here on the left the wide lens setting makes it seems farther away than it really is.
One of the two entrance gates to BV II. BV II lots rise toward a hilltop forest.
One of the two entrance gates at BV II.
The lots rise toward a forested hilltop.
BV V is at the extreme western end of the lake. Many of the BV V lots have volcano views.
BV V is at the extreme western end of the lake, the windsurfing end, alongside the paved road to Sabalito.
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