Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
El Bosque - gated collection of lots at Sabalito
El Bosque - "The Forest" - is a small, established develpment reached b y the paved Sabalito/Tierras Morenas road. It's located 20 minutes or less from Tilaran. While it is a beautiful location with nice lake and territorial views, it has no amenities. The village of Sabalito is 5 mintes away and has a small grocery. Residents in this area may be here for the great lake and volcano views, the proximity to windsurfing, and the
The gated entrance to El Bosque. Here's a view of Lake Arenal from one of the El Bosque lots.
Entrance is gated but not guarded.
West end of Lake Arenal for open area.
A woodsy area in El Bosque. The entrance road reaches El Bosque from the paved Sabalito to Tierras Morenas road.
A wooded lot at El Bosque
Entrance from Sabalito paved highway.
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