Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Hacienda Morenas - 60 lots at peak of Sabalito to Terras Morenas road
Hacienda Morenas sits at the very top of the hills that divide Lake Arenal from the Guanacaste lowlands. The lots at the very top have tremendous views in both directions, while many of the lots are slightly lower and have views only of the lake and volcano. The lots vary greatly in size. The development sits between Sabalito and Tierras Morenas on a paved road. A little farther along the road, a wild animal park for Costa Rican species is under construction. There are internal roads but no buildings under construction. Most of the development is former pasture, though there is a forested quebrada along the side farthest from the paved road.
At the top of the ridge between the lake and coastal lowlands, the lots have distant lake views. The roads serve lots of many different shapes and sizes.
Clouds cover Arenal Volcano in this view from the top of the development.
The hilltop is very broad, so many of the lots are fairly flat.
Atop the wide, flat ridge, the lots have vast panoramic views. The development borders a forest with stream.
The view toward the Pacific lowlands from one of the ridgetop lots.
Tenorio Volcano (dormant) sits a few miles to the north.
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