Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Las Flores
Las Flores is an established community of more than 30 homes, most with lake Arenal views, winding among the forested hillside contours overlooking Lake Arenal. There is a paved trail around the property and the grounds are well maintained, but there it does not have a closed gate and a guard. There is no communal buildings or pool, but many residents have their own pools.
Houses in Las Flores adhere to a colonial style but are not identical. The community sits next to but above the lake.
A lakeview las Flores home. This home is for sale. Click here for photos, description, and price.
A mature community, Las Flores is beautifully landscaped. There are forested areas in the community and next to it.
It's a complex hillside and so the homes are on many different levels on the fairly steep hillside that at the lower end drops off steeply to the lake. The development is well groomed and quiet. The contours hides houses from each other so that each house has views of very few other homes.
The homes, though different in sizes and floor plans, all have the same building materials and semi-colonial style. A mature development, Las Flores has attractive landscaping and a wealth of large trees.
With tile roofs, white stucco walls, and ornate wrought iron bars, the houses may vary in size and shape but stick closely to the community's architectural style.
This house is larger but exhibits conformity to the architectual style of Las Flores.  
Beyond this home's landscaping, a neighboring forest preserve can be seen.
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