Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Maleku Village Condominiums
Conceived as an immense project of 300 condos in 16 buildings, Maleku Village has made a start on its formidable sewage treatment plant while tackling the lengthy permitting requirements. The project is situated high up the hillside just short of the western end of the lake. At the foot of the steep hill, much progress has been made on a tourism center which will feature the work of the indigenous Maleku Indians. The condominiums will sit about 400 yards up the hillside on a back road to the village of Parceles. The site has wonderful lake views. it also has views of the active Arenal Volcano at the eastern end of the lake as well as views of the dormant volcanos Tenorio, Miravalle, and La Vieja to the northwest. At this point we do not have details about the condos and their pricing.
Very visible from the lake highway, the project seems to have just 2 3-story buildings under construction as of July, 2009. An environmental group made an attempt to get the Tilaran council and mayor to stop the project by presenting a "denuncia" concerning inadequate water and unstable land, but the council, which had granted permits for the project as had other governmental entities, refused to take action. In early July, a representative of a large well-drilling company visited the site, saying he had been called on because of a lack of water there. We have not heard his assessment.
The condominium site, high up the hillsides, has views past the eastern end of the lake to the Arenal Volcano. The view to the northwest takes in several dormant volcanos.

From high on the hillsides, the condos will have views past the eastern end of the lake to Arenal Volcano, here hidden by clouds.

To the northwest, the condos, which are directly above the windsurfing end of the lake ,will have views of several dormant volcanos.
These tanks will be part of an elaborate sewage system, including a sewage treatment plant.  The hills rise steeply above the condominums to the forested hilltops.
These tanks will be part of an elaborate sewage system with waste treatment.
The hillsides above the building sites rise steeply to forested hilltops.
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