Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
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Stonybrook Ranch Estates

Our most distant development, Stonybrook, is located 2 miles east of the Rio Chiquito bridge on the road of 13 pretty rough miles to the Cano Negro River. If you can pass that - unlikely most of the year - you'll get to to El Castillo, Arenal Volcano, and La Fortuna. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to Stonybrook from Tilaran, either by the "low road", the lake road through Tronadora or on the "high road," the road from Tilaran that passes through the semi-alpine town of El Silencio. The area on the way to and at Rio Chiquito is extraordinarily beautiful.

A huge amount of land is owned by the developers, and just one of nine fincas is being developed in part as Stonybrook Estates. In this finca, there are 30 lots for sale, though Lot #7 is at this point set aside for a condominium development. Another of the nine fincas, the most remote, is known as La Leona Rainforest Reserve. All nine of the fincas are for sale without further development, though development continues. One of the "fincas" is actually a restaurant and B&B on about 12 acres on the west side of the Rio Chiquito, primarily serving tourists who are taking the boat/van trip from the Arenal Volcano area to Monteverde Cloud Forest.This business is for sale for $500,000. La Leona is for sale for $1,000,000, which is actually a pretty reasonable price for this nearly 300-acre ecotourism attraction. Finca # 6, the one that has been legally prepared for sale of lots, is itself for sale entirely at $4.5 million.

Within Finca #6, the lots vary in size from roughly one acre to more than 10 acres. and in price from $97,000 to $1,347,000. The section set aside for condominiums, Lot #7, has plans for 13 condo buildings with two condos in each. There are to be a club house, pool, and other amenities.

The 13 miles (by road) between Rio Chiquito and Rio Cano Negro, despite being beautiful terrain with close views of Arenal Volcano, are populated at present only by widely separated ranch families.

The owner of Stonybrook is a family from Peru and Florida, with developments in those places as well as at Lake Arenal.

With almost nothing to cattle to see them, there are great views of Arenal Volcano in this part of the lake.
An Arenal Volcano view from the lake road near Stonybrook Ranch Estates.
The Rio Chiquito enters Lake Arenal. From high ground, a typical view of Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano partly obscured by clouds.
The mouth of the Rio Chiquito at the lake. Tourist launches enter the river here.
Typcial view of lake and partly clouded volcano from high ground near Rio Chiquito.
The bridge over the Rio Chiquito. The river as it flows down the beautiful valley between Rio Chiquito village and the lake.
The bridge over the Rio Chiquito. Stonybrook is two miles from here.
The Rio Chiquito as it flows between the village of Rio Chiquito and the lake.
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