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Libano is a ranching community in a valley where at least two rivers join about 10 miles west of Tilaran. It's a central point in a network of back roads that plunge and soar and frustrate with seasonal impassibilities in the steep, ranch-patterned hills between Arenal and the Interamerican Highway and between Tilaran and Monteverde. It is also where two rivers join and continue to the lowlands as the substantial Canas River, supplying water to much of the agriculture there. The village is a tidy little community with a church, school, and community hall when you turn from the riverside road toward the west. It's a lovely and temperate place to live, though so far only a couple of North Americans have bought vacation homes there. Now, however, work is underway on the road, asphalt will be applied, and the drive there will be an easy 15 minutes instead of a challenging 30 or more. Expats will more easily discover this beauteous valley and the property values will increase. We will be posting more photos of the village itself rather than these few of the general area.

A road runs along the Canas River valley to ranches near Libano. A tilapia pond in the Libano Valley
The Libano valley is a beautiful level area. Water drawn from the Canas River here fills a pond where tilapia are raised.
This stream is one joinging the Canas River near Libano. A farmhouse sits in trees at a large finca in the hills just past Libano.
One of the many quebradas or streams that enter the Canas River near Libano.
The hills around Libano retain much forest as well as the ranching pastures.
A73 29-acre well-maintained farm with 3BR home, gardens, forest, springs - $310,000
A46 78-acre farm with 3 springs, river, house - $550,000 negotiable
B14 8.7 acres with tilapia farm beside Canas River - $150,000 negotiable
A55 Fertile 5.5-acre farm with Gulf of Nicoya view - $119,000
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