Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
Nueva Guatemala properties
The Nueva Guatemala region, on the west flank of the Tenorio Volcano is an undeveloped, largely forested area. The Tenorio Volcano is an impressive but dormant volcano mountain at the northwest end of Lake Arenal.

Nueva Guatemala is being discovered. It's a village of 50-60 families located a little northwest of Lake Arenal on the flanks of the dormant Volcan Tenorio. There's a school, a grocery, and a small health center and it's less than an hour from the Liberia shopping centers and the airport. It's closer to Bagaces on the Interamerican Highway than to Tilaran, but it is not far to Lake Arenal through the villages of Tierras Morenas and Sabalito.

L37 Lots of about 3/10 acre with great northern volcano views - +/- $15,000
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