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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
A101 56-acre finca with springs, home on western slope - $225,000
Plentiful pure spring water serves ths large finca on the warmer side of the mountains encircling Lake Arenal. Located near the tiny village of La Palma not far below the hilltop village of Tierras Morenas, the ranch looks down on the vast Guanacaste lowlands, the Tempisque River Basin and the Gulf of Nicoya. The house and animals are supllied with excellent water from two natural year-round springs. There is also a year-round stream. The substantial acreage, priced at an incredibly low 98 cents per square meter, has substantial wooded areas in addition to much level as well as sloping pasture. There is a typical Tico house tucked under some trees on the ranch. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in 1006 square feet. At this point, we can say that this is a working ranch with a liveable though pretty basic home at an especially good price. It has good warm weather, its own water, electricity, and beautiful sunset vistas.
The farm, on the western side of the hills surrounding Lake Arenal, has long views to the western lowlands and the Tempisque River Basin. The home is a typical Tico house with 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
There are incredible long vstas to the Pacific lowlands.
The existing Tico home is nicely situated and has water and electricity.
Plentiful water comes from a spring on the finca. Pure spring water serves the animals as well as the home.
One of the property's natural springs supplies pure water to the home and animals.
Here is another large water trough brimming with pure spring water. A path leads through one of the wooded areas on the farm.
A brimming water trough serves the animals.
A path leads through a wooded area.
On the hilltop above the farm are some of the turbines that supply a major percentage of the electricity to Costa Rica. This view past some of the forest on the property looks toward the Guanacaste lowlands and the Pacific Coast.
The ranch is on the lee side of the hills fro the winds that drive the turbines.
The naked eye can see miles away the Gulf of Nicoya and Tempisque River Basin.
A gate leading past woods to a level pastures on the large finca. The finca is large enough to comprise substantial forested areas and level and well as sloping pastures.
Though in the foothills that slope down for several miles to the Interamerican Highway at the base, the finca has much level ground in pasture and forest.
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