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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
A103 Working 133-acre volcano-view ranch at Rio Piedras - $1,620,000
This large working ranch with potential for tourism development is being offered with its 40 milk cows as well as 12 horses. Located in the hills above the north end of the lake in the Mt. Tenorio watershed, it is especially fortunate in its plentiful water, which not only serves garden crops and orchards but also makes the ranch electrically self-sufficient through a dynamo in a stream. The ranch overlooks the village of Rio Piedras and the famous windsurfing area of Lake Arenal. It's great variety of pastured and forested terrain, with pretty valleys and hills to various heights make it a good property for tourism development, perhaps as a dude ranch. The higher hills could produce significant income as leased sites for wind turbines. The finca is approximately 10 minutes above the village of Rio Piedras, which is approximately halfway between Tilaran and Nuevo Arenal.
On a stormy day, the views of Lake Arenal from the finca are still fascinating.
On a stormy day, Lake Arenal still provides a fascinating vista from the ranch.
An internal road carries one deep into the 133 acres. The working ranch as a variety of farm buildings for the horses and cows.
An internal road winds through the acreage.
Various farm buildings serve the animals.
Within the finca is a great variety of terrain in rolling hills. There are various crops and orchards on the huge finca.
The large ranch provides a great variety of forest, pasture, and farmed areas.
As this stream attests, water is plentiful in these hills below Volcan Tenorio. A stream tumbles down a series of rocks into a pool.
Streams tumble and pool within the finca.
An irrigation ditch carries water along a hillside. A large trough captures water from the irrigation ditch.
Irrigation ditches and troughs serve the animals and crops.
Within this view are a small lake on another finca, the village of Rio Piedras, and then Lake Arenal. The varried terrain, thickly forested in places, could have various reunerative uses.
The terrain certainly does not remind one of the Great Plains.
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