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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
A105 26 acres with Tempisque/Nicoya views - $300,000 for all
For those who like hotter weather, less strong wind during the windy season, and endless vistas, the western slopes of the Cordillera de Tilaran provide a selection of sites which are warmer the closer they are to the lowlands. The town of Canas on the Interamerican Highway, for example, has temperatures frequently in the 90s. 25 minutes above Canas, Tilaran, at the top of the western slope, rarely touches 90 and can sometimes be rather wet and windy. Halfway between the two is the pretty village of Los Angles, a ranching center not as hot as Canas nor as moderate as Tilaran. In the photo below, Los Angeles can be seen at bottom left, downslope from this property of 16 acres. If 26 acres is too big a piece of this ranching terrain, the owner offers three other options. One is a section of 6 acres at the high end of the acreage for $60,000. A second option is for the whole of the high end - something like 16 acres - for $200,000. The lower part of the acreage, which extends far down to a forested stream, is offered at $100,000. A small incomplete ranch home is included in the second option. This area is about 40 minutes from Liberia International Airport.
The finca overlooks the nearby village of Los Angeles and the distant Tempisque River System.
Los Angeles, the ranching village halfway between Tilaran and the Interamerican Highway at Canas, is not far below the finca. In the distance, the fantastic Tempisque River System flows toward the Gulf of Nicoya.
The finca has a small house in a grove near the top. The view from the casita.
An unfinished house hides amid a small grove at the top of the finca not far from the tops of the mountains that hide Lake Arenal.
The dormant volcano Miravalles can be seen to the north. The south are miles of hills rolling toward Monteverde.
The views go on forever to south, west and north. The mountainstop to the east protect the finca from Arenal's strong seasonal winds.
Forests are scattered amid the cattle country pastures. Pastures and forest extend for miles toward the bajura, the lowlands.
The hills become browner in the drier winter months as they descend toward the Guanacaste lowlands, known as the "bajura."
Ranch homes can be seen on finca after finca toward the north. The casita is basically a shelter, not a home.
Like this incomplete building ranch houses hide amid trees along the higher slopes. At the high end of the fincas, the weather is cooler and the surroundings greener during the hot months when the heat builds in the lower levels.
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