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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Reduced to $1,100,000. Owner financing possible.
A107 Super productive 56-acre riverside farm near Cañas - $1,500,000
Appropriately, this finca producing outstanding crops of sugar cane (caña de azucar) is located a few miles from the town of Cañas in the rich Guanacaste lowlands alongside the substantial Rio Tenorio. Just past it on a paved highway is the village of Bebedero. The finca has 18 hectares in sugar cane producing 100 tons of cane per hectar and 17 kilos of sugar per ton, both outstanding results. In addition, there is an orchard of 2 hectares of Persion lime trees, producing 10,000 limes per week. The ranch house is 2409 square feet with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Other buildings including a farm machinery shelter and storage buildings total at least 3.500 square feet. A substantial list of machinery is included in the sale. A well on the finca provides potable water while water for irrigation is drawn from the river with a 440 hp pump. The finca's location is extremely convenient for transportation as well as irrigation. While bordered by the river on one side, the opposite long side borders the paved highway, on which the Interamerican Highway at Cañas can be reached in 15 minutes.
The 18 hectares of sugar cane produce 100 tons of cane per hectar.
The 44+ acres of sugar cane planted in rich alluvial soil surpass the regional average in production. A full complement of farm machinery makes harvesting efficient, and the location provides swift transporation to market of the cane and the 10,000 limes harvested weekly from the 5-acre Persion lime orchard.
The Cañas-Bebedero Highway runs alongside the finca.
The Rio Tenorio borders the finca on the long north side.
The Canas-Bebedero highway borders the long south side of the finca, while the Rio Tenorio forms the northern border.
The 2409-sq-ft home is bulwarked against possible flooding. Another view shows the large size of the home.
The strongly built and well-maintained home is bulwarked against flooding from the Tenorio.
There are immense living room and dining room areas. The kitchen.
The living or dining area.
Part of the kitchen.
The long hallway leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms. A large bedrrom with bathroom beyond.
The hallway to the bedrooms.
The master bedroom and door to the bathroom
Some of the well-maintained machinery that provides efficient planting and harvesting. More of the machinery.
Some of the machinery included in the sale.
The electrical building houses the 440 kw onnections and the 25 kw transformers. A farm building interior.
Parts of the finca's many assets.
A part of the 5-acre lime orchard. The plano shows the shape, size, and location of the finca.
Part of the Persian limon orchard
The "plano" shows shape, size, location.
The long straight driveway from the highway to the house is bordered with lofty palm trees. The whole of the long northern side of the finca is bordered by the Rio Tenorio.
The handsomely bordered entrance drive.
The Tenorio flows to the Tempisque Basin.
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