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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A108 92-acre A+ finca with great home, western vista - $2,000,000
Here is a truly superior turnkey dairy ranch with excellent grass, water and weather in a location not only convenient but even visually thrilling. Included are approximately 100 Hostein dairy cows and a lecharia with all milking equipment so that a buyer can immediately continue production upon purchase. There's a 3BR 2BA modern home of 2500 square feet under roof (click here for full page showing the home, which can be bought alone), a 2BR employee's home, a secure storage building, and all fencing in good condition. Located at 1,000 meters above sea level, the finca enjoys excellent weather with plenty of rainfall year round. A mountain spring, tested twice yearly by Dos Pinos, the national dairy company, rates in the top 15% of all their 2,000 fincas and supplies all water to the finca and homes. The finca is 95% grassland. According to the owner, the general concensus among ranchers is that these grasslands rate A+ premium compared to all other fincas. The owner is a fully vested associate of Dos Pinos and 11.5 "acciones" or shares are included in the sale. These shares are currently worth about $6,000 each. There is a sole owner for this finca and therfore an efficient transaction upon sale.
The 92-acre finca includes this excellent 3BR 2BA home with 2500 square feet under roof. The finca is located bside the Monteverde road about 20 minutes from Tilaran.
The very comfortable remodeled and expanded ranch house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2500 square feet under roof. Click on H174 for more photos of the home.
The 92-acre finca borders the Tilaran to Monteverde road about 20 minutes from Tilaran. Public roads border 50% of the beautifully located ranch.
There are substantial farm buildings on this great ranch. All the equipment and fencing is in good condition.
The farm buildings, fencing, and equipment have been well maintained.
100 Holstein dairy cows are included in the sale. The large milk tank is part of the equipment which would enable a buyer to continue production immediately.
The 100 Holstein dairy cows and all milking equipment are included in the sale, enabling immediate continuation of the dairy operation.
This 30-square-meter house is included on the finca. The finca includes this cement-roofed "Ft. Knox" storage building.
A caretaker's home is included.
A "Ft. Knox" secure storage building.
The setting has thrilling views to the western lowlands and coastal mountains. The Monteverde to Tilaran road borders the western side of the finca.
The setting has thrilling vistas of volcanos, rivers, gulf, complex foothills with a sunset view over Guanacaste's lowlands.
The Monteverde-Tilaran highway passes between the finca and this rainbow. It's 20 minutes to Tilaran.
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