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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A111 173-acre ranch with 3 springs, 5BR house, westward vistas - $2,500,000
A magnificent finca in the ever-green mountain terrain overlooking the Guanacaste lowlands, the Tempisque River System, and the Gulf of Nicoya, this property commands a high price but appears to be worth it. It is on the western side of the mountains that contain Lake Arenal about 25 kilometers from the region's commercial and government center, the town of Tilaran. The route from Tilaran is paved to the village of Libano, which is about halfway to the ranch, and the unpaved road from there is in good condition. The ranch neighbors the mountain called El Cerro de San Jose, one of the highest points in Guanacaste. Nearby is the small village named after the mountain. We do not yet have photos of the 5BR 2.5BA farmhouse and other structures, but will provide them. The owners are willing to sell portions of the beautiful terrain with its alternating pastures and forests. The finca has 3 springs and at least 1 stream. In addition, it is served by the municipal water system of Cerro San Jose. The finca has producing fruit trees and is excellent for both cattle and crops.
A fantastic sunset ends a day on the beautiful finca.
A typical sunset vista from the mountain finca.
The neighboring mountain, Cerro San Jose, the highest in Guanacaste Province. Two horseback riders enjoy the beautiful property and distant views.
Neighboring the ranch is the Cerro San Jose, the highest mountain in Guanacaste province.
There's lots of space and beauty for horseback riders on the 173-acre finca.
A internal road runs past a pasture and into a forest. In the distance is the "Bajura," the western lowlands and Tempisque River Basin of Guanacaste.
An internal road leads into a forest.
In the distance, the Guanacaste lowlands.
Midway between Tilaran and the village of Cerro San Jose is the larger village of Libano, about 15 minutes from Tilaran. The church at the Cerro San Jose.
The village of Libano at fiesta time.
The church at Cerro San Jose.
Horses drink at a stream in the forest. A weir makes a small pond and waterfall in the stream.
The ranch has its own water from 3 springs, but also is supplied by the municipal system.
The 5BR 2BA home is located in an impressive stand of old-growth indigenous trees. Flowering bushes, a pond, and fruit and shade trees provide a classic idyllic setting for the home.
The 5BR 2BA ranch house has an idyllic setting in front of an old-growth forest and surrounded by flowers, fruit trees, shade trees and a pond.
A long pasture between stands of forest has the appearance of a golf fairway. A dog has the run of huge fields on the 173-acre finca.
Thre are many gorgeous building sites on the finca, and the owners are willing to sell relatively small portions of it.
A huge picturesque tree on the finca. The finca has lovely tropical flowered bushes and trees.
Magnificent trees and pretty flowering plants ornament the expanses of pasture and forest.
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