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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A112 7.4 acres on warmer side of mountains on paved road - $130,000
For those who like a climate a little warmer and dryer than the slopes surrounding Lake Arenal, we have several properties on the western side of the mountains overlooking the vast Guancaste lowlands, the Tempisque River Basin, the Nicoya Peninsula, and the Pacific Coast hills. Such is the case with this property, which basks in temperatures somewhat like those of the Southwestern United States without being nearly as hot as the actual lowlands. What's more, this property has been gifted with the recent paving of the passing road so that it may be easily and quickly reached without having to go through Tilaran and along to lake shore to a road coming up from the lake side of the mountains. Thus the acreage is reached in good time from the international airport at Liberia and from the Pacific beaches. And it is now an easy mostly paved jaunt of 10 minutes or so from here to the lake shore. This three-hectare property has varied but gentle terrain, including woods, forest, a seasonal stream, a spring, and many excellent building sites. Electrical service passes right in front of the property. There are long territorial and sunset views.
The acreage is on the sheltered western side of the Arenal mountains and the wind turbines atop those mountains can be faintly seen to upper left of this photo. The 7.4 acres have nicely varied terrain with pasture, scattered woods, forest, and a stream giving lots of choice for where to build a home.
Turbines powered by the Lake Arenal winds can be seen on the mountain tops behind the less windy property.
The terrain in the 7.4 acres is nicely varied, with open areas, scattered woods, forest, and a curving stream.
The newly paved road comes up the village of Los Angeles, which is halfway up the Canas-Tilaran highway. The newly paved road goes on past the acreage on its way to Lake Arenal, about 15 minutes further on.
A newly paved road comes up from the village of Los Angeles on the Canas-Tilaran road, passing the property on its way to the lake. For a resident here, it's a nice advantage in cutting time to Liberia airport and the coast as well reaching the lake within 15 minutes.
There are open areas ready for building. Scattered woods are in many parts of the 7.4 acres.
From its narrow frontage on the paved highway, the acreage provides nicely varied terrain as it proceeds away from the road.
In some parts are thick forest. A stream flows through the property most of the year and there is a spring.
A nice spot overlooking a forest.
A stream runs most of the year.
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