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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A113 3.85 fertile acres with streams, forest, crops, mountain views - $160,000
For the serious - or semi-serious - farmer, here is a productive small acreage in the fertile foothills south of Lake Arenal and La Fortuna. Along this highway between Fortuna and San Ramon are cultivated thousands of acres of the tropical plants that end up in the garden centers and homes of colder parts of the world. With a mountain range to the west, and broad lowlands to the east, the highway through the region crosses many a bridge over the rushing rivers and streams. The biggest of these bridges, carrying traffic high over the Rio San Ysidro, is one kilometer south of this farm, which is itself about 20 minutes south of Fortuna. The farm itself has three streams as well as two springs. Most of the farm is level and under cultivation but there is an acre of forest and some hill and ravine areas where the streams flow. The forested area is part of a substantially greater forest and is known to harbor deer, sloths, and even wild pigs in addition to many other animals and Costa Rica's famous birds of many sizes and colors. The farm's owner previously included tilapia ponds among his endeavors. Water for the ponds was supplied by the streams. Land in this super-productive part of Costa Rica is valuable. The owner is asking $160,000 for his farm but will consider reasonable offers. He will also consider owner-financing for a buyer who will put down at least $100,000.
The 3.85-acre farm has an internal road, forest, mulch cultivation, surrounding creeks, two springs and mountain views. Among the array of cultivars on the property are these beautiful palms, corn, bananas and other fruit trees.
The 3.85-acre farm is outlined in blue. The owner is asking just over $10 a square meter, about half of what has been usual in the area.
The farm currently has a variety of crops under cultivation, including decorative landscaping trees and fruit trees.
An internal road reaches the center of the acreage from the highway. The farm is already productive with a variety of crops.
An internal road accesses the cultivated areas.
There are two streams on and bordering the property as well as 2 springs. Red frogs are not rare on this property.
A recent photo shows a stream running rather low at the end of the dry season. Beside the stream is one of the Blue Jean Poison Dart Frogs that inhabit the area. The name Poison Dart comes from the use of their skin toxins on the tips of spears or arrows.
The acreage includes an acre of forest. There are views of the impressive mountains south of Lake Arenal.
The farm has about an acre of forest harboring much wildlife.
Besides these mountains, the volcano can be seen.
Most of the non-forested area is already planted in a variety of crops. Though most of the farm is level, there is interesting variety to the terrain.
Row crops as well as stands of stands of platanos or bananas in a ravine illustrate the variety of terrain in the acreage.
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