Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
A8 86-acre mountain-top volcano-view ranch - $1,500,000, now negotiable
Fabulous location seen as tourist destination with hotel, tours, eco-activities

This prominent working ranch is so well situated that there are views of Lake Arenal to the north, of the Arenal Volcano to the east, and of the town of Tilaran to the west. And of course there are beautiful views in every direction of the pastured and forested rolling hilltops along the southern side of the lake. It's located 2.5 kilometers past the village of Quebrada Grande and thus about 6 miles from Tilaran. The road from Tilaran is still hard-surfaced at this point. While the total price of $1,500,000 may seem daunting, it breaks down to what is these days a low cost of about $4.30 per square meter.

For someone interested in ecological health, this property, because of its scattered forests, presents an opportunity to greatly aid Arenal wildlife - howler monkeys, sloths, kinkajous, etc. - by planting seedlings of indigenous trees to re-establish feeding corridors between the forests, enabling the animals to follow their feeding routes without coming down to the ground. Lake Arenal's La Reserva Forest Foundation can not only help with such a project but provide a yearly payment per hectare for the reforested areas.

The ranch stretches over rolling hills with forest and pasture.
Tilaran lies downhill to the west of the ranch.
Forests and pasures cover the 86 acres.
Tilaran sits on a western hilltop..
There are views of Lake Arenal from many places on the ranch. The Arenal Volcano and eastern end of Lake Arenal make a sensational view.
There is a great variety of panoramas. .
Arenal Volcano rises impressively to the east.
Stands of thick forest enliven many areas of the ranch. Fields, forests, rolling hills, Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano make terrific panoramas in every direction.
A forested valley with a stream.
The ranch has limitless building sites.
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