Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
B3 Busy station with great location and potential - $650,000, negotiable

This established 24-hour service station is on the busy tourist route around Lake Arenal. There is much bus, van, and rental car traffic as well as constant use of the station by supply trucks, farm trucks, and locals. In addition to the solid business done in gas and diesel, ther is a store area and repair bay. The store's wares are somewhat limited as far as their appeal to North Americans is concerned. and repair services are minimal at this time. There is little competition. In the town of Tilaran are two stations. In Nuevo Arenal, 30 minutes around the lake, is one stations. In La Fortuna, by the volcano, 1 1/2 hours away, there is one station. Prices for gas and diesel are set by a government agency and so are the same at stations all across Costa Rica. Also available is the owner's spacious home on the hillside above the station. Click here to see it. The station's GPS coordinates are, according to our GPS, 10° 29' 671N and 84° 57'199.

Gas station for sale at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica Gas station for sale at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
This service station, one of only two on the whole of Lake Arenal, is located four miles from Tilaran, just before reaching the intersection to the north and south lake roads. It does a high volume of business in both gas and diesel and is open 24 hours.
Gas station for sale at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
A tour bus gasses up at the Lago Arenal station while riders visit the mini-store and the restrooms.
There's a rental space at one end of the station. Inside the station itself there is plenty of room to expand the current offerings of food, drink, auto supplies, etc. Here a tour bus fuels up while riders visit the mini-store and restrooms.
The station has been painted and otherwise upgraded in the past year. The station is on the paved Lake Highway just 3 miles from Tilaran and about 300 yards from the first view of the lake.
Surrounded by hills of pasture and forest, the station is beside the busy tourist route that goes from the Arenal Volcano to Tilaran, the Liberia international airport, and the Pacific beaches.
TelUS Phone:(318) 239-9990 Costa Rica Phone: +506-2694-5000   
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