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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
B59 Incredible 75-acre estate with 3 homes, great investment potential
The finca of 75 acres rises 550 feet from the lake highway on the east side of the lake and has wonderful lake and volcano views.

Here is an outstanding 75-acre finca with wonderful natural beauty and thoughtful, high-quality development by its European owner. The finca has been transformed into an estate with three homes, a tennis court, and several other buildings. Using the natural springs and streams, ponds and waterfalls have been added to the great variety of pleasureable attributes, which include miles of lake and volcano vistas. Photos on this and the following page will show the various buildings. In addition, the homes are fully furnished, there is a 29-foot inboard/outboard cabin cruiser, a large tractor with enclosed cab, a BMW 4x4, horses and cattle, and a wealth of tools including welding, drilling, and cutting tools. The estate rises 550 feet from its footing on the lake highway, where there is an automatic gate and intercom system, which also connects the houses. Possible development of this finca, according to the owner, could include 30 lots and a 40-room hotel. The purchase price for the whole 75-acre finca is $3,800,000. With a down payment of $1,000,000, the owner offers financing of the remainiing $2,800,000. Also, a buyer may select only the major portion of the property, the 55-acre portion that includes the homes and other developed features, which is offered at $3,200,000. On other websites the price of the whole 75 acres is given as $3,200,000 or $3,500,000. They are in error, according to the owner. A liquor license is also available. The finca is located at 10+ 33.837N and 84+ 55.968W.

The main house is 2202 square feet with overed porches of an additional 1255 square feet for a total under roof of 3,457. The main house porches have 1,255 square feet. The main house as well as the guest houses were reconditioned in 2007.
The main home has 2,202 square feet of interior space. In addition, covered verandas add 1,255 square feet for a total of 3,347 square feet under roof. The home is to be sold fully furnished. The home is air-conditioned with the equipment actually housed in a separate small building. There are two phone lines and satellite TV and Internet. All electrical, telephone, and intercom lines are underground.
There's a double garge and a large parking apron at the main house. The fine 20x40 tennis court is between the main house and the bigger guest house.
These views, which include Santa Elena Island, show that there is a large parking area at the main house and a tennis court between the main house and the primary guest house above.
Fine hardwoods give a rich warmth to the ain home. The spacious dining room is on the first floor of the circular tower
These views show some of the excellent woodwork and furnishings in the home.
The prinicpal guest house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 1200 square feet. The second guest house, near the main entrance, has 1,000 square feet and another 180 square feet in the covered porch.
A paved interior road reaches, at left, the primary guest house above the main house and, at right, the second guest house near the fina entrance. The first guest house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 1,200 square feet. The second has 1,000 square feet.
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