Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
B6 Hotel at entrance to beautiful national park - $550,000
This 3-year-old lodge with 6 guest rooms on 7.4 acres is a wonderful place for the increasing flow of tourists who want to experience the special features of Rincon de la Vieja National Park, named after the volcano which supplies most of the unusual - and usual - activies there. The volcano is still active on its flanks, where one can observe steamy fumaroles and a mini-volcano, hot springs, and bubbling thermal mud holes. In addition, there are cool streams and waterfalls so visitors have their choice of hot or cool waters or both.
The colorful dining room is on a covered patio. The Aroma del Campo resort is surrounded by forest.
The lodge, with 6 guest rooms, a restaurant, and spacious grounds is located just before the entrance to the national park and is reached by a half-hour drive from the Interamerican Highway just north of Liberia in the northwest province of Guanacaste. Thus, it's less than an hour from the international airport at Liberia. Activities include hiking, wildlife watching, horseback riding, mountain biking, swimming in cool waters, and bathing in hot springs and mud baths. Nearby activities include a canopy tour, rafting, and river tubing.
The cone of the dormant volcano can be reached in a day hike. Rincon de la Vieja National Park contains beautiful cool water streams and waterfalls.
Trails of various lengths, including a long trail to the dormant top of the volcano, provide a variety of hiking experiences. Birds and other wildlife abound in the lowlands and forested slopes of the volcano. In fact, Rincon de la Vieja (Place of the Old Woman) is notable for its especially rich variety of wldlife.
Among the many water features is this secluded hot pool. Persisting volcanic activity is seen in features such as this mini-volcano.
One of the national park hot pools.
The park trails reach this mini-volcano.
There are many beautiful scenes and thrilling activities in and around the national park where one may view rapids such as these or go tubing on larger streams.
The Tobasco Room is one of six private rooms with baths.
The Tabasco Room, one of the six colorful rooms, each with private bath..
A beautiful long driveway leads to Aroma del Campo resort.
One of the park streams
The entrance drive to the lodge.
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