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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Available again at $239,000, now furnished
H173 Finely built 2BR 2.5BA home in small gated community - $225,000
This new home is a fine example of the architect/builder's Spanish colonial design, typical in most ways but unique in others, principally in the tower and the use of the site, which has lake and volcano views. In 1750 square feet of construction, there are 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a formal dining room, kitchen, large tower room, laundry room, and attached one-car garage. The modest oblong swimming pool in the front lawn shares the magnificent views. Typical is the fine matched wodwork used throughout the home, mahogany inside and laurel on the exterior. There's cable TV, Internet, telephone, and municipal water. The hillside development above the lake highway about 4 miles north of Nuevo Arenal, contains a total of just 5 lots with just 1 lot still available (L89). (This house is identical to our H191, built by the same architect developer, but in La Vista rather than Las Flores.)
One of the lake views.
Sited high on a hillside a few minutes north of Nuevo Arenal, the home has wide lake and territorial vista of the lush region with its great variety of birds and forest animals.
The 2BR 2BA home has a tower with a large room with great views. A swimming pool is located in the front garden and shares to wide vista.
The home is extremely well built and the property beautifull landscaped as is the rest of the five-lot development.
The oblong swimming pool in the front lawn adds greatly to the pleasure of the home. The master suite is directly behind it.
The entrance doors display the fine wood craftsmanship in the home. There's a one-car garage with automatic opener.
The entrance exhibits the fine custom woodwork that characteristic of the entire home.
The garage has an automatic opener. The dining room is beneath the tower room.
From the entrance a short hallway leads to a laundry room, the stairs to the tower, and the living room. The large living room has a glassed wall opening to the patio and thus shares the lake views.
From the foyer, a short hallway gives entrance to the tower stairway, the laundry room, and the living room. Tthe distant door leads to the master suite.
The large living room lakeside wall has floor to ceiling windows and doors leading to the wide patio. The decorative ironwork provides security on all openings.
There's a formal dining room with large windows on two walls. The kitchen is a separate room with an arched doorway to the dining room.
An arched doorway leads to the formal dining room.
Another arched doorway leads from the dining room to the kitchen.
The master suite has large closets of the same fine hardwood used throughout the home. The master suite bathroom has a semi-circular frosted glass shower.
Hardwood closets in the master bedroom.
The shower in the master bathroom.
The tower room is a large space that could be an office, workroom, den, family room, etc. Part of the view from the tower room.
The large tower room could be an office, a studio, a workroom, a family room, etc. It has fine views of the lake and forested hills.
The pool and lake view as seen from the patio. The view of the lake and hills from the front lawn.
A view southwest from the patio.
One of the lake vistas.
The view northwest from the patio includes the lake. The homes of the neighbors are barely visible through the lush landscaping.
A view northwest from the patio.
There are 3 neighbors in the development.
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