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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Price reduced to $150,000
H177 4BR 3BA Volcano-view home or B&B on 1/4 acre - $199,000
This versatile home or B&B has extra features to enhance enjoyment of tropical life near the village of Sabalito at the northwestern end of Lake Arenal. In addition to the 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, there is a jacuzzi and a very pleasant many-windowed multi-purpose or garden room, which now serves an an exercize room. There are also a large laundry room, two large storage rooms and a "strong room" for secure storage of valuables. A wide covered porch is one of the attractive places to enjoy the balmy weather and beautiful flora. The present owners rent the second-floor apartment regularly by day, week, or month. Since it is only a few minutes from the two windsurfing/kitesurfing centers at the north end of the lake, the apartment is especially desired during the windsurfing season December through March, and the rates are higher in those months. The owners also point out that the home can easily be divided into three areas and thus could have two or three apartments. The home is about 20 minutes from Tilaran. The bucolic village of Sabalito is small and attractive with long lake and mountain vistas. Hidden among the roadside woods are quite a few Gringo residences. A couple of minutes away is La Mystica Hotel with its very appealing Italian restaurant. The half-acre contains a wealth of tropical flowering plants as well as many fruit trees, including mango, orange, mandarin, banana, grapefruit, limon, cas and pipa trees. The main living areas in the house total 1,808 square feet. The total including the storage rooms and carport is 2,346 square feet.
The rental suite on the second floor has this fine view of Arenal Volcano.
Arenal Volcano, over 20 miles away, demonstrates its active status in this view from the second-floor apartment.
The home is located on the paved road to the villages of Sabalito and Tierras Morenas less than 5 minutes from the waters of Lake Arenal. The partial second story is a large self-sufficient rental with a fireplace and views of the lake and volcano.
The home, with carport and storage to left, is conveniently close to the paved road.
The second-floor apartment is designed to enjoy the lake and mountain views.
The spacious flower-filled porch is preceeded by a covered carport with tile floor. The living room, dining area and kitchen share an open floor plan.
A large, tiled carport provides covered access to the entry in the wide porch.
The main floor has a open design for the kitchen, living, and dining areas.
The living room. A large glassed multi-use room now serves mainly as a gym.
The main floor living area.
One end of the large multi-purpose room.
A jacuzzi is located outside the "gym." The apartment suite has a high beamed ceiling of native wood.
A jacuzzi is outside the multi-purpose room.
The apartment has a nice beamed ceiling.
The apartment contains two full-size beds. The pleasant and spacious apartment not only has terrific views but a nice little fireplace for a pleasant ambiance and warmth on the occasionally chilly nights.
The apartment contains 2 full-size beds, sitting area with fireplace, kitchen, and bathroom.
One of the three bedrooms on the main floor also serves as the computer room. Another view of the gym, which can also be a multi-purpose or garden room.
One of the 3 first-floor bedrooms also serves as the computer center.
The multi-purpose room merges the indoor and outdoor assets of the home.
The half-acre is practically filled with tropical plants and trees. Besides the many fruit trees, there are exotic flowering bushes.
Surrounding the home are park-like grounds with many flowering tropical plants as well as many fruit trees.
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