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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
The only CRGAR and NAR certified Realtor at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
L101 2+-acre volcano-view lot at San Luis - $175,940 negotiable
At 2.15 acres, this lot has lots of room to build on as well as to support a horse it you wish and/or make vegetable gardens or plant fruit trees, perhaps put in a swimming pool. It's within a few hundred yards of the center of the village of San Luis, yet the village can't be seen. The village bus stop and a couple of small groceries are only two blocks away. The lot is in an "L" shape with most of it in the very wide vertical part of the "L". There's a high point in the lot that gives the best views, but the Arenal Volcano is visible from the rest of it, too. Utilities are not a problem. Village water lines and electricity are nearby. The location is 5 minutes from the marina at San Luis Cove and 5 or 6 minutes from the town of Tilaran. The restaurants Longhorn and Las Brisas are within 2 minutes.
The large lot has excellent volcano views.
The Arenal Volcano stands out prominently from this lot.
Nuevo Arenal can be seen across the lake. Behind the lot, the terrain rises through pasture and forest until finally reaching a 3-story house atop the hills.
Though there are only glimpses of the lake, across the lake, the town of Nuevo Arenal can be seen.
Behind the lot, the rural atmosphere continues as the terrain rises to a hilltop crowned by a 3-story home.
The L-shaped lot has a fairly wide foot which leads to the very much bigger main area of the 2+ acres. Looking back at the entrance foot of the lot from the main part, we see the closest neighbor has a single painted horse.
The foot of the "L" is fairly wide, easily accomodating an entry lane.
A neighbor's paint horse grazes beside the fence along the foot of the "L".
In the center of the 1+ acres, a broad hill rises to the top of the lot, a great place for a volcano-view home. The high point of the pastured hill  reaches a forested background on a neighbor property.
At the corner of the "L," a broad ridge starts to rise to a high point back by the neighboring forest.
Beyond the central hill is a beautiful broad valley, which also is great location for one or more homes. Though the lot as a whole is former pasture, there are attractive trees scattered about.
On the far side of the ridge there is lovely terrain providing a variety of nice building sites.
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