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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
L86 Choice of 2 acre+ volcano-view lots just above paved highway
On the lakeview side of the Tejona hills just yards above the paved lake highway about 10 mnutes from Tilaran, these two lots of over 1 acre each provide great views of Arenal Volcano and geat swaths of the lake itself, enabling daylong fascination with the varying appearance of the lake surface, the sky, and the mountains, particularly the pyramidally classic volcano. The lots begin some 30 yards above the lake highway and are served by an easement on the south side. Both lots have wonderful volcano views. The lower lot is 4,155 square meters (1.02 acres) and is priced at $125,000. The upper lot has 4,486 square meters (1.1 acres) at a price of $135,000.
The two lots have excellent views of the Arenal Volcano as well as large portions of the lake.
Arenal Volcano and its lake-filled companion, Cerro Chato, are clearly visible from both lots. (The volcano appears much larger than this to the naked eye.)
The lots are located one above the other starting 30 yards above the lake highway. An easement has been provided with a road to reach the two lots from the lake highway.
The volcano is visible from the lowest point on the lower lot
An easement that will provide a driveway to both lots eases up the south ends.
The lots have penty of level area on which to build. electrical service is available. The lake views include San Luis Cove and the Tronadora Peninsula.
Almost the whole northern end of the lake is visible from the lots.
The upper lot is almost completely level and as scattered trees. From a great buildable site on the upper lot there is this fine view of Lake Arenal.
The lots are convenient to Tilaran, Lake Arenal's governmental and commercial center, yet they are quite private. Even from a large level pasture at the top, the lake is visible.
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