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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
L92 1/3-acre ready-to-build lot at Parcelas atop Tejona hills - $20,000
The first lot one sees when driving up from the lake into the village of Parceles is this large and nearly level lot. On the east side has shrubbery and a stip of thick forest that shields the lot from the ridge road that goes on to the windmills and fincas. Further along, this road has been paved all the way to the Canas-Tilaran highway at Los Angeles, giving this area quicker access from the Liberia airport and the beaches by avoiding the longer route thrugh Tilaran. There's electricity and municipal water right to the lot. On the west side, on an identical lot, a large house is under construction.
The lot is large and very slightly sloped, easy to build on.
A temporary wire gate allows entrance to the broad lot with a forest border.
Through the trees at the back of the lot a neighboring house can be seen. On the east side, a line of shrubs and a narrow band of forest screen the lot from the road.
On the west side, a house is under construction on a similar lot. The village of Parceles is heavily wooded.
An identical lot on the west side has a house under construction.
On the north side, existing houses are largely screened in the forested village.
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