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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
The only CRGAR and NAR certified Realtor at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
L98 8 volcano-view lots with utilties, $30,000 to $60,000
The lots are located above the village of San Luis only about 10 minutes from Tilaran.
The 8 lots have excellent views of Lake Arenal and, in this shot, the village of San Luis, where there is a small marina. Three of the lots are 525 square meters in size and are priced at $30,000. (Lots 1 and 2 have been sold as of October, 2011.) The largest lot is nearly half an acre (1820 m2) at $60,000. There are excellent volcano views from most of the lots. Electrical and water connections are nearly ready and there is a paved internal road. The lots are easily reached via a quiet one-kilometer back lane to San Luis from the lake highway's Cinco Esquinas intersection. They are 10 minutes from Tilaran.
Arenal Volcano is clearly seen from these lots.
Arenal Volcano can be seen from each of the lots, a fascinating presence.
The 8 lots flank both sides of a paved road. 4 lots are above the central road and 4 are below.
A paved lane leads to 5 lots below and 3 above. A high wall separates the upper lots from the neighboring property..
Lot 1 is fairly level with nice trees and a lake view. The largest lots, 5 and 6, project past the end of the central lane.
This lot has several trees to work with as well as lake and volcano views.
The largest lots, 5 and 6, are between the lane's end and a partly forested quebrada.
Lot 6, the largest lot at nearly a half-acre, is bordered by open pasture and a stand of trees. The volcano as seen from Lot 6
Lot 6 as seen from the end of the lane.
Another volcano view from the lots.
The village of San Luis and San Luis Cove. Lot 7 also has this view of the Arenal Volcano.
Lot 6, at 1820 m2 the largest lot, has these views. The asking price is $60,000.
Lot 8 has a grove of small trees. On the opposite side of the lake are the village of Aguacate and Sant Elena Island.
Lot 8, at 724 m2, is $39,000
San Luis Cove and the lake from Lot 8.
The lane continues past the lots down to the lake highway and the village of San Luis. A bit of telescoping shows how well the volcano can be seen from the lots.
This country lane passes the lots and joins two spots on the paved lake highway.
A bit of telescoping shows that the great bulk of the volcano is visible here.
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