Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Rainbow Bay (Balcones del Lago)
Rainbow Bay is an established residential community about 5 minutes west of Nuevo Arenal. It has a floating dock, tennis courts, and two swimming pools. There are still lots for sale as well as condos and homes for sale or rent by individual owners. An abrupt hill stands between the community and the main highway so that it cannot be seen from the road. The landscaped, twisting road road to the community - a distance of several hundred yards - is not gated
Rainbow Bay, on a cove near Nuevo Arenal, has a floating dock. The private road that winds into the community from the Lake Arenal highway.
The floating dock is right beside the community on a protected small bay.
The paved one-lane road into Rainbow Bay curves up and around a steep hill.
Here are two of the lots available in Rainbow Bay. One of the tennis courts is covered.
While there are quite a few established residences, there remain lots for sale.
There are two tennis courts, one of them covered.
This pool is very close to the water at Rainbow Bay. A pool at Rainbow Bay.
One of the pools and Rainbow Bay.
The other pool and clubhouse.
These condominiums are very close to Lake Arenal's warm waters. This path through the trees shows the typical care given to quality landscaping.
Condo owners are close to the warm Lake Arenal waters.
This meandering path through the trees shows the quality landscaping at Rainbow Bay
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