Properties near La Fortuna
La Fortuna is one of the top three tourism locations in Costa Rica with hundreds of thousands visiting the area each year to see the Arenal Volcano, bathe in hot springs, and take adventure tours including whitewater rafting, canyoneering, hikes, zip lines, horseback rides, and much more. It's located about 20 minutes east of the dam at the eastern end of Lake Arenal. Many tourists at the many volcano-view hotels take boat tours from the dam to Rio Chiquito, where tour vans take them to the Monteverde Cloud Forest for more adventures and an overnight stay. There is much wildlife in the forest or jungle areas near La Fortuna, though one animal, the agouti, frequents roadsides, often in large groups, to beg snacks from passing tourists. Unfortunately for the health of the agouti, tourists often oblige. The tourism industry is constantly expanding in the area. From La Fortuna, paved highways lead south to the city of San Ramon on the Interamerican Highway and east to San Carlos and other notable tourist cities on the way to San Jose such as Zarcero, Saarchi, and Grecia. Property is expensive close to the volcano, but there is acreage, lots, homes and businesses available in surrounding communities which still have excellent views of the volcano.
B66 Charming boutique hotel near Rio Fortuna Waterfall and volcano - $515,630
B35 46-room hotel with best volcano-view location, hotsprings, restaurant, etc., etc. $2,500,000
H101 Superb 2BR 1.5BA remodel with volcano view 20 minutes from Fortuna or lake. SOLD
B27 616 acres beside Arenal Volcano National Park with hot waters, $1,000,000
H91 New 3BR 2.5BA volcano view home at El Castillo1/2 hour from La Fortuna, $119,000
B24 Lovely 25-room lodge, restaurant volcano and lake views at El Castillo
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