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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
The only CRGAR and NAR certified Realtor at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
Huge reduction for fantastic property - $299,000
This fine investment property now available at $499,000, terms negotiable
A120 168-acre eco-property with 4 incomplete cottages, great future value
With significant steps already made toward creating a multi-family eco-community or another entity such as an eco-tourism detination with horseback riding and nature tours, this beautiful finca has everything for self-sustained living along with the opportunity to protect a very large portion of the tropical rain forest. It's located in a productive rural area of cattle ranches and dairy farms where international organizations are working to develop a wildlife corridor between the Arenal, Monteverde and Tenorio reserves. It contain 96 acres of old-growth tropical forest (much of it in protected status and thus elegible for government compensation), 33 acres of pasture, 37 acres of 14-year-old harvestable melina timber (worth about $75,000), and 2 acres of bananas (of 5 types) along with many fruit trees including oranges, sweet limes, mangos, avocados, and papayas. Included in the sale are four incomplete new cabinas, $50,000 worth of vehicles, machinery,and tools, several old farm structures, plans for a community center, new furnishings and portable buildings. (See list below.)
The three dormant volcanos Tenorio, Miravalles, and Rincon de La Vieja are northwest of the finca.
The great variety of terrain in this grand finca has much to fascinate the eye and inspire delight in nature, especially with its two rivers and five springs of pure water, yet there are also wonderful vistas beyond such as this view of the dormant volcanos Tenorio, Miravalles, and Rincon de La Vieja to the northwest. Within the 168 acres is a great abundance of exotic wildlife, including three types of monkeys, and, especially because of its extensive old-growth forest, as well as rivers, springs, and pasture, an extraordinary selection of Costa Rica's more than 800 varieties of birds.
The finca has two lovely small rivers and 5 springs of pure water. Here is a stand of melina trees, planted 14 years ago and ready for harvest for use on the finca or for sale at a value of around $75,000.
One of the two streams on the property has been evaluated for hydroelectric and can provide 24,000 watts.
37 acres of the finca were planted with melina trees (white teak), now harvestable at an estimated value of $75,000
An employee with one of the horses he tends. The current owners plan to build a community center on the site of the present old farmhouse (barely visible to far left) and small barn.
A caretaker/employee lives on the property in the small Tico-style home at right.
This 2BR cabina is shown under construction in Spring 2013. 3 identical cabinas have been completed. One of the four cottage has a hilltop setting.

Pictured above are two of the four partially completed cottages on the finca. The proposed community center will be, approximately in the area now occupied by the employee's cottage and one of the barns. The owners have made considerable progress in developing a sustainable eco community with great potential for multiple families or guests or recovering patients to live more or less together in separate houses but with the community center for which there are architectural drawings. Other improvements worth about $100,000 have been put into developing the property, including roads, bridges etc Another $50,000 in vehicles and tools come with the sale. The huge and varied finca includes 33 acres of 14-year-old melina timber worth about $75,000 which a new owner may harvest at any time.

This large modern truck comes with the property. One of the goats enjoys the expansive environment.
The truck included in the sale.
A goat enjoys the expansive environment.
The huge finca is located in the rolling hills east of Nuevo Arenal and Lake Arenal. Farther to the east is the paved highway leading to La fortuna, Ciudad Quesada, and the Central Valley.

Located in the mountains between San Rafael de Guatuso and Nuevo Arenal with a median elevation of 600 meters, this farm, once known as Rancho La Joya Del Sol, has a near perfect climate with refreshing breezes and cooler temperatures. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive to either San Jose or Liberia airports. It's a 30 minute drive eastward on good gravel roads to Venado and the paved highway to La Fortuna and the highway system beyond..Westward, it's a 45-minute drive to Nuevo Arenal and Lake Arenal. Roads in the area are being upgraded so drive times will be reduced. Though this property has tourism potential for horseback riding and appreciation of tropical fauna and flora, it is not in a tourist area, It is the REAL Costa Rica, tranquil with good people who will lend a helping hand and laugh with you.

Shown here are two of the 4 horses that come with the finca. There are also cows, goats, and checkens.

Animals included in the sale are 4 horses, 3 cows (1 for milk), 2 milking goats, and 30 egg-laying chickens. There are also 2 tilapia ponds.

One of the many banana trees. Pineapples  flourish in the rich soil.
Hibiscus are among the many exotic flowering plants not only in the garden but wild throughout the property. A toucan explores the fruit on a papaya tree.
The 168 acres include plenty of area for a self-sustaining life-style in your own paradise. Currently on the finca are hundreds of bananas, oranges, sweet limes, guayaba, mangos, avocados, papayas, 400 pineapple, 20 coconut palms, starfruit, passion fruit, breadfruit, noni fruit, and more. Organic coffee and cocoa also growing in the rich soil. The gardens include root crops such yucca, milanga, tokiske, as well herbal plants such as Indian curry tree, and lemon grass, The flower gardens include many hibiscus, roses, and many varieties of tropical flowering plants. (In a photo above, a toucan examines the fruit in a papaya tree.)
Here's a large section of the extensive gardens. Another small stream provides water for the extensive agriculture.
A part of the extensive gardens.
One of the streams watering the gardens.
Owners' list of items included in sale


  • 4 two-bedroom, one-bath cabins with private covered decks on the front.  Stucco walls, vaulted wood ceilings, and simulated tile roofs with passive solar raised  tops. They are incomplete at this point.
  • 1 older caretaker cabin
  • 2 barns
  • Tool room with tool bench and good storage shelving
  • Glass green house (still in box)
  • 2  fully enclosed water proof car ports
  • Plans for a two-story community center with full kitchen.

Fruit trees and gardens:

  • Hundreds of bananas, oranges, sweet limes, guayaba, mangos, avocados, papayas, 400 pineapple, 20 coconut palms, starfruit, passion fruit, breadfruit (fruita de pan), noni fruit, and more. Organic coffee and cocoa also growing in the rich soil. Plenty of area for a self-sustaining life-style in your own paradise.
  • Gardens include root crops such yucca, milanga, tokiske, as well herbal plants such as Indian curry tree, lemon grass,
  • Flowers gardens include many hibiscus, roses, many variety of tropical flowing plants


  • 4 horses
  • 3 cows (1 for milk)
  • 2 milking goats
  • 30 egg laying chickens
  • 2 Tilapia Ponds

Melina Renewable Cash Crop:

  • 38 acres of very valuable mature 14-year-old Melina (white teak) ready to sell or use.
  • Valued at $75,000


  • Upgraded newly graveled roads to property ($20,000 )
  • Two graveled driveways on property
  • New bridge on property over river


  • Public as well as private water.
  • Electric provided to neighboring home.
  • 10,000 watt generator
  • Hydro Electric availability for 24.000 watts
  • Solar hot water on property
  • Septic

Vehicles and Machinery to be included with farm:

  • 1999 Freightliner FL70 Enclosed Box Truck with 3000-pound lift on back. (worth $20,000)
  • 2007 Suzuki Grizzly 4x4 quad with winch (worth $12,000)
  • 10,000 watt generator
  • 200 gallon fuel tank with nozzle
  • Troy Rototiller
  • DeWalt saws, drills, and 18v sets.
  • Stihl chainsaws and brushcutters
  • Hundreds of other misc. other farm tools and tack.


  • Three new brown suede microfiber couches
  • Indoor/outdoor patio couches and chairs
  • 4 Beds with foam mattresses
  • Exercise equipment and weights
Artist's rendering of a cabina.
An artist's rendering shows a finsihed cabina. Three of four have been completed.
Architectural drawing of cabina floor plan.
This architect's drawing shows the floor plan for the cabinas.
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