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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A121 80 acres, home, cottage, 3 streams, lake & volcano views - $299,000!!!
The three-story home and cottage with garage dwell on a high point of the 83 acres of pasture, gardens, and forest.
Combining a unique home with spectacular views, 80 verdant acres in the hills east of Nuevo Arenal, and a price now reduced far below value, this property is a fantastic bargain and wonderful place to live. As a home, it is comfortable and full-featured with modern appliances, cable TV and Internet. As a farm, it has forest, gardens, pasture and a welll in addition to three streams. It's also a tropical oasis visited by a great many of Costa Rica's legendary array of colorful bird life. The forest also hosts howler monkeys, sloths, and a variety of other exotic animals that give life here a special excitement and pleasure not found in North America. The home has two bedrooms and one and one-half bathrooms. In addition to the living, dining, and kitchen areas, there is the third-story tower room as well as an office on the second level. The two-story guest house has one bedroom and bath and an attached garage. .
The famous tourist attraction, Arenal Volcano, as seen from the home. Lake Arenal as seen from the home.
To the south, Arenal Volcano.
To the west, Lake Arenal.
One of several garden areas View of one of the three streams.
One of several garden areas.
A stream with verdant borders.
The kitchen in the main house. The sitting room in the main house.
The kitchen in the main house.
The sitting room.
One of the two second-floor bedrooms. The second bedroom.
The two bedrooms on the second floor.
The hallway with closets connecting the two bedrooms. The third-floor tower room.
Between the bedrooms, a hallway with closets and drawers..
The third-floor tower room has distant views in all directions, including four volcanos.
The second-floor office. The two-story cottage with garage.
The office is on the second level..
The two-story cottage with garage.
The cottage kitchen. The cottage stairway.
The cottage kitchen.
The stairway in the cottage.
Another view of one of the three streams. Arenal Volcano with a cloud necklace.
Another of the three streams.
Arenal volcano with a cloud wreath.
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