Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A36Hobby farmer's paradise - 12+ rich acres, $14 per square meter, $700,000
Here is a delightful farm with rich earth, many fruit trees, corn and other crops, a house with small attached apartment, a lecheria, three ponds, stimulating terrain, even one's own canopy cable for occasional excitement. Two small waterfalls connect the three ponds, and at least one of the ponds is full of fish, not only tilapia, but hefty guapote, otherwise known as rainbow bass. The owner and his family have lived here for 26 years, and it's clear they've enjoyed this garden spot just about a kilometer from the town of Nuevo Arenal. He says he wants a bigger and flatter place where he can not only raise more cows (he now has 20 plus a stalwart bull) but not worry so much about falling, a concern now because of a vision problem. Try an offer.
Beyond one of the grass crops is the second of three hills. From the second ridge here's a view of the distant working lecheria.
The owner is willing to split the 12.35 acres into two parcels. One parcel would have the house and lecheria on 3.7 acres (1.5 hectares). The other parcel would be 8.5 acres (3.5 hectares). The asking price on the smaller parcel is $18 a square meter, on the larger parcel $14 a square meter, and on the whole farm $14 a square meter. The total price for the whole farm would thus be about $700,000, though the owner would consider offers.
Here is a variety of fruit trees around a stand of sugar cane. A canopy cable is rigged across one of the three ponds.
Many bananas, oranges, other fruit trees and crops such as corn and squash grow beautifully in the farm's rich earth.
The uppermost of the three ponds, this one is full of tilapia and guapote. The farmer's boys installed a cable ride across the pond.
The roomy kitchen has fine wood cabinets and a unique stove. The master bedroom, one of 4 bedrooms in the house.
Unusual for a Tico home, there is much nice cabinetry and a unique stove. This is a family that has long enjoyed life here.
The master bedroom is one of four in the house. Many buyers of Tico homes tear and walls and make more spacious rooms.
Part of the terrain behind the house. Here's one of the two waterfalls between the three ponds.
Looking east toward the last of the three hills on the 12+-acre property. A road exists to the back of the farm.
This waterfall connects the uppermost to the middle pond. Another waterfall then leads to the third pond.
The house has 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, and an attached apartment with partial bath. The lecheria or milking barn is a busy operation.
The house is situated at the front of the finca.
The lecheria or milking barn.
A large water fowl flexes its wings while perched above the fish-filled second pond. The view from the front of the property includes this ridge on which a number of Gringo homes are being built just above the town of Nuevo Arenal.
A large waterbird flexes its wings above one of the fish-filled ponds. The area is rich in bird and animal life.
On the far ridge is a growing residential area of new Gringo homes just above the town on Nuevo Arenal.
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