Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A40 19.8 acres at the famous blue river, the Rio Celeste - $772,720 negotiable
Boasting 694 yards (almost 4/10 mile) of river frontage, this lovely and useful acreage, combining forest, pasture, and crops, is beautifully situated beside the famous Rio Celeste near the foot of the dormant Tenorio Volcano north of Lake Arenal. Though dormant, the mountain, besides providing this cool river, has hotsprings, hot mud baths, and fumaroles in its lower reaches. A geothermal plant produces electricity from the mountain's heat within a few kilometers of this property. Though not much developed yet as a tourist destination, it obviously has tourism potential far more extensive than the current situation, which mostly involves hiking to the gorgeous waterfalls. Do an Internet search for something like Rio Celeste Costa Rica to get a much fuller idea of the beauties of the river and the Tenorio area.
A bather rests on the bank across the Rio Celeste from this property. One way to the river is through a pretty stand of birch-like trees.
A bather rests on the bank opposite the property.
A pretty walk through the trees brings one to rapids in the Rio Celeste.
The property has a combination of pasture forest and farmland. Part of the 20 acres is currently under cultivation.
The property contains much forest and pasture.
In the distance a crop grows on the property.
There are rapids as well as pools in the river, and farther upstream, the famous waterfalls. Though coming off a volcano, the river is a nice cool place for a swim.
There are various rapids as the river descends from the mountain.
Though the river comes off the Volcan Tenorio, it's a great place for a cool swim.
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