Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A41 19.8 acres near lake with 2 streams, a well, old-growth forest - $447,385
This is a very nice property near Lake Arenal on the highway between Tilaran and the lake, but it has no view of the lake. Inheriting property from his father and grandfather, the current young owner is uncertain about pricing, so offers are welcomed at this point. The north or lake side of the property is 674 yards long with a forested stream making the border most of the distance. The east end of the property, where pasture enters thick forest, is 302 yards wide. The west end has a narrower frontage on the paved highway. In the middle of the property is an impressive old growth forest while there are many trees bordering pastures throughout. The only building on the property is a milking shed (lecheria). A natural spring toward the southwest corner results in a pretty stream flowing across the property to join the stream on the north side. In addition, there is a well on a low hill in the middle of this farm (finca).
The entrance road comes off the paved Tilaran to Arenal highway. On the north side the property is bordered by a long forested creek.
Entering the farm from the lake highway.
On the left (north) is a forested stream.
The entrance approaches a second cross-property creek on its way to the heart of the property. The creek originates in a spring and flows under the entrance road.
The interior lane heads down a slight slope to a stream, after which it turns left and ends at the lecheria.
The stream through the middle of the property arises from a natural spring and joins the stream on the north property line.
The creek continues on the other side of the lane. On a hill sits a second water source, a well.
The stream after passing under the road.
On a hill in the center of the farm, the well.
The lane arrivesw at a milking shed, the only building on the 19.8 acres. Past the milking shed, a trail goes through the intermediate forest to the eastern pastures.
The path reaches the milking shed (lecheria), currently the only bulding on the property.
Past the lecheria, a trail passes through the intermediate forest.
Another creek flows for more than 1000 feet along the northern forest border. The intermediate forest is an old growth forest with towering trees.
A section of the northern bordering stream.
The thick intermediate forest and the path.
The outermost pasture and eastside forest. On the hilltop to the south, the closest neighbor.
The eastern pastures and bordering forest.
High on the southern hill, the nearest neighbor.
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