Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A44 Developers:A huge ranch with lake views - 50 hectares at $10 sq. meter
A family finca bordered by other fincas belonging to members of the same family, this is a classic Arenal cattle ranch, with a large portion - 50 acres - overlooking the northwest end of Lake Arenal with views down the 20+-mile long lake to the Arenal Volcano. The owner is asking $10 per square meter for about 500,000 square meters, which is about half the ranch, the half closest to the lake. For the 50 lakeview acres (200,000 square meters), he is asking $30 per square meter if it is bought by itself. After 50 years on this finca, he is also willing to sell the whole thing, over 970,000 square meters at $10 per meter. This includes of course the ranch house and assorted farm buildings, including a second house for a ranch worker's family. This finca is located just before the village of Sabalito and extends from the paved Sabalito/Tierras Morenas road all the way to the wind turbines on hilltops he sold years ago to ICE, the natiolnal electrical company. Below is an assortment of photos taken during a horseback tour of the property. There are several water sources on the property, including streams and wells. The figures above add up to $5,000,000 for half the ranch, the 500,000 square meters. For purchase of just the 20 hectares (200,000 square meters) with lake views, he is asking $6,000,000. The whole finca, at 979,000 square meters, would cost $9,790,000.
A view of Lake Arenal from the 50-acre portion. A stream on the finca.
A view of the lake, the volcano hidden behind clouds to left of center.
This stream runs across the width of the property and thence down to the lake.
A view past the end of the ranch to the hilltops once owned by this rancher, which now are topped by wind turbines. Mounting a hill toward the lakeview section of the property.
Barely visible are wind turbines on hilltops just past the end of the finca.
Riding toward the other end - the northwest - where the lakeview acres are.
A wooded area on the ranch. Horses near a water trough fed by a well.
A wooded area on the 50 acres with lake views.
Horses near a water trough kept filled by a well on the 50 acres.
A would that would include the Arenal Volcano except for the clouds obscuring it this day. The finquero rides beside the entrance road back toward the stables.
Another portion with a lake view the volcano still shrouded in clouds.
The owner rides beside the entrance road back to the stables.
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