Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A45 35 acres at Sabalito with natural pond, forest, fruit trees - make offer
The finca retains much forest to enhance the wide vistas.

This forest and farmland has several especially good features, making it well worth buying for personal use or for investment and modest development, if the current owner will recognize that present world economics require reduced prices. We're not sure how ready the current rancher is to accept the new realities, but we're willing to take him any offer. This beautiful property is located almost secretly just off the paved road that serves Sabalito and Terras Morenas. It's about 20 minutes from Tilaran. Passing through the 50 yards of forest that densely canopy the entrance road, you see the farm open up before you in its splendid variety of pasture and forest, hill and plateau, with the high hills of the Tilaran Mountains rolling on beyond. There are exciting building sites of various sorts on the finca. Just within the canopied entrance is a wide wooded area that has the broadest vistas. This area is very convenient to the Sabalito road and also has already fruit trees and ornamentals in addition to the indigenous trees that bring abundant wildlife. In the center of the acreage is a large pond, which is constantly refreshed with water from a natural spring. At the southwest side of the pond, the water exits, starting a strong, lovely stream that winds off through the woods. The pond is in a fairly wide valley, largely wooded, and this area would also be a beautiful place to live. While the finca is just past the famous windsurfing end of the lake, and wind turbines on the nearby hills create much of Costa Rica's energy, the property is so thickly screened by bands of indigenous trees on the east side that the seasonal winds are not a problem. The finca is a working ranch and there is a rough-looking farmhouse for employee's family. (The owner actually works another ranch near the village of Los Angeles.) There's community water service, electricity, and telephone service. So, with power, water and easy access by paved road, there would not be difficulties in building a new house or houses on this acreage.

The large pond is fed by a natural spring. The spring rises from the earth at this pretty spot and flows to replenish the pond.
The large pond is constantly refreshed with water from a natural spring.
The spring flows to replenish the pond, which overflows to form a stream on the other end.
Entrance to the farm is through this dense canopy just off the paved Sabalito road. Just inside the entrance at a fine building site, the rancher stops to pick oranges.
The entrance gate is just off the paved Sabalito road.
Just insie the canopied entrance is a broad building site with fruit trees.
From the fine building site near the entrance to the acreage there are distant forest and mountain views. While wind turbines spin on the surrounding hilltops, this finca is protected from seasonally strong winds by dense screens of indigenous trees.
The upper acres contain many fruit tees and ornamentals.
On the Lake Arenal side, forest protects against the seasonal winds.
From a high pasture on the eastern side, one can look back at the entrance forest and the farmhouse sheltered below. The current farmhouse is a rough structure, but it has electriccal, water, and phone service.
Looking back, one can discern the farm house below the entrance forest.
In the aging farmhouse lives the family of the farm foreman.
Star fruits hang invitingly from a thickly leaved tree, one of many fruit trees on the ranch.
A nearly level area beside the pond is an appealing feature of this fine property.
Star fruit hang from a thickly leaved tree.
Monkeys, bids, etc., love the trees and water.
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