Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
(6-23-09) Price reduced to $550,000, access now easy
Secondary roads in region between Tilaran, Libano, Monteverde and Cañas now upgraded and in use by tourism vehicles
A46 78-acre finca with small house, 3 springs, river - $750,000 negotiable
The owners of this beautiful farm are now 78, and so, though still fit, after a lifetime here are ready to sell their 78 acres. Their price amounts to $2.37 per square meter, which is far below the pricing on most properties, and they are willing to negotiate further. The finca is located beside the San Jose River less than 2 miles southwest of the spiffy village of Libano, which itself is about 6 miles west of Tilaran on a rather hilly, twisting, and scenic road on which paving to due to start in October. The paving will really put Libano in play as a great place to live, since it's at the head of a beautiful valley through which runs the very substantial Canas River. Besides the gorgeously forested hills, there are wonderful long views to the dormant volcanos Tenorio, Miravalles, and Rincon de La Vieja as well as to the coastal lowlands. Libano is a bit of a back-country hub, several unpaved roads setting off on challenging but fascinating routes. Continuing on the road past this finca, in a couple of miles one arrives at the substantial village of San Jose, and, after another 40 minutes or so, arrives at fabled Monteverde. Another road takes one to the Interamerican Highway without doubling back to Tilaran. A third road winds a few miles to Quebrada Grande, from which one may continue on to Monteverde or drop down to Lake Arenal at Rio Chiquito. The old but well-tended little 4-bedroom house is quite adequate as a place to live while one plans a new home. Besides pasture and old-growth forest, there are acres of newer forest, much of which is between the house and the river. Long winding trails lead past springs in the enchanting woods to the river. A disused road also leads to the river and can be restored.
The vista takes in 3 distant dormant volcanos, the foothills, and the coastal lowlands. Thick forest covers a substantial part of the property.
Panoramic vistas include three volcanos (hidden by clouds in this photo).
Old-growth forest fills some of the property and continues on the surrounding hills.
The farmhouse is neatly kept. There's a long view from the sheltered porch.
The small well-maintained house has 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
There are great views from the porch of the tree-shaded little house.
The Rio San Jose borders the long northern side of the finca. One of several springs emerges on this firested ground above the house.
The San Jose River borders the property for hundreds of yards.
Above the house a stream start from one of the natural springs.
Mango trees stand between the house on the spring. A grove of young fruit trees form a new orchard in a pasture.
These mango trees are among many fruit trees on the property.
A faily new fruit orchard shows how easily reforested this finca could be.
The living room. The kitchen is in two rooms.
The wooden house is quite old but well maintained and neat.
This is the main kitchen but much of meal preparation is done in a secondary kitchen.
A currently underused trail leads down the wooded slopes to the river. The farm has a great variety of pasture, old growth forests, secondary growth woods, and fruit trees.
The woods through which long trails wind to the Rio San Jose.
A view across a level pasture to the woods which descend to the river.
The children are gone so 3 of the 4 bedrooms get only sporadic use from visiting children and grandchildren. Grandmother, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law work on lunch in the secondary kitchen.
The kids are long gone but the four small bedrooms are ready for family visitors.
Grandmother, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law work on Sunday lunch.
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