Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Price reduced to $750,000 for 106-acre finca with buildings
A47 Gorgeous mountain ranch, 106 acres, $3 per square meter, negotiable.
Tourism potential: former restaurant, soccer field, waterfalls, glorious vistas.
Set high in the mountains near Penas Blancas National Wildlife Reserve, this large ranch known as Finca Manantiales has wonderful natural beauty and large landscaped areas. These two types of beauty make daily life here a continuous pleasure. Located near the town of Miramar, which is reached via a paved road which leaves the Pan American Highway not far north of the port city of Puntarenas, the ranch has fine water features with at least 8 natural springs, several streams, a pond, thick forests, flat or rolling pastures, and even its own full-size soccer field. There are two buildings on the property. One is a milking barn. The other used to be a large restaurant. It now has a 3BR apartment in one end while the very large former restaurant is for general use including indoor parking. The owners still have two liquor licenses. These would have to be purchased separately if desired.
The ranch is on beautiful terrain high in the mountains above the Pan American Highway. While high in the rugged maountains, the beautiful ranch has a big soccer field bordered by sculpted hedges.
The view toward Penas Blancas National Park.
Sculpted hedges border the soccer field.
Cattle gather in a wooded area of the ranch. A pretty stream cascades down a rocky section of the finca.
Cattle near a grove of fruit trees.
A stream cascades through the property.
The combination rancho, garage and apartment building is largely surrounded by indigenous forest. This large building contains a parking area, shop, and 2-story apartment.
The barn seen from a mountainside.
The former restaurant .
One of the clear, fresh streams on the property. A lovely pond centers a partially landscaped area.
Clear water and colorful rocks.
A pond with some landscaping.
The interior of the very large building holds a two-story apartment, a garage area, and a large open area or rancho. The open-sided building has a huge open-sided area with wide views.
Inside the residence.
There's lots of space and a fine view.
The entrance gate to the ranch.
Lawns along the entrance road.
The entrance to the ranch.
Pipes bring water from a naciente or spring. Cows forage on a gently sloped pasture in front of thick forest.
Water is piped from one of the natural springs.
Another patch of pasture amid the forests.
Pastures and forest occupy the mountainside above the soccer field. Hedges and a line of decorative trees are part of the landscaping on the 153 acres.
The terrain is varied and lush.
Ordered landscaping amid the tropical growth.
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