Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A49 6.6 largely steep acres with stream, lake view, old house. Make offer.
There are a couple of nice features to this property, but the negatives are such that the value is not high. For those who like the stream, the lake view from high up, and the convenience to the village of Tronadora, the property might be sufficently attractive to warrant a modest offer. Most of the property is steep, though it flattens out near the top, where there are views of the lake and surrounding hills. A previous steep roadway to the top might be reclaimed to enable access by vehicle to the upper part. At the base, a 2 BR 1BA house sits beside the rather rough village road. A stream separates it from the steep hillside. The stream flows from a spring in a wooded gully on the property. There are some banana palms and other fruit trees.
From near the top of the property, there's a view of Lake Arenal. At the base of the property, behind the house, there's an active stream.
High on the property are lake and territorial views.
A stream flows between the house and the hillside.
The stream originates in a spring by the woods on the property. The vestigial remains of an internal road that goes to the top of the property.
The stream originates in a spring in a gully on the west side.
The remains of an internal road climb the hillside above the house.
The kitchen in the 2 bedroom 1 bath house.
The living room.
The kitchen is fairly large and has an unusually high number of cabinets.
The living room. The unpaved road is about 15 feet to the left of the living room.
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