Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A50 8.66 lakeview acres above Rio Piedras, $228,000
With great views to both sides, this wide ridgetop with pasture and scattered trees will delight the senses of the person who builds a home here. There will be beautiful sunrises from the Arenal Volcano end of the lake on one side of the ridge and colorful sunsets on the other side. The topography is exciting with the lake, deep valley with streams and a river, views of four dormant volcanos, a pretty lake on a large ranch, and miles of rolling hills. The ridge rises high behind the lakeside village of Rio Piedras at the extreme northwest end of the lake where kitesurfers and windsurfers play. On the other side of the road to rises to the mountain fincas will be a "green" gated community of 35 large lots, so, while this beautiful ridgetop property will give you complete privacy, you willo have unseen neighbors not far away.
The wide ridge top has great views of Lake Arenal and the turbine topped wester hills. Far below the ridge on the north side is a fine finca with a small lake.
From the wide ridgetop, the windsurfing end of Lake Arenal is clearly seen.
Behind the ridge a beautiful finca includes a small lake.
From the western end of the property, this view shows the ridge climbing gently to where the road is. To the northwest are thickly forested hills.
From the western end, the ridge climbs gently to meet the road.
The hills to the northwest are thickly forested and there are view of 3 volcanos..
Water from a spring it piped to the property. Another view of Lake Arenal from the top of the property.
A spring from higher in the hills feeds water to the pastured ridgetop.
Another lake view includes some trees at the upper end of the property.
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