Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A51 9.2 fertile acres, partial lake view, house, stream - $369,332
This large property is bisected by a small valley with a pretty year-round stream. The current small house is located next to the road on the east side of the acreage. On the west side of the stream, the land rises somewhat steeply to large level or nearly level acreage with some views to Lake Arenal. Formerly a narrow farm road crossed the stream to the lakeview acreage, but it is now overgrown and the bridge gone. Therefore, a buyer intending to build on the beautiful western acreage would have to restore the bridge and road. The current house, though old, is well maintained. It has three small bedrooms and one bathroom. At the back, there is small shop where the current owner works with a table saw and wood lathe. Though there is some pasture on the property, there are many trees, including bananas and oranges. The property is near the paved road between the villages of San Luis and Tronadora and is thus about 12 minutes from Tilaran.
There are lakeview building sites on the high ground across the stream. The property has a small 3BR 1BA house beside the road.
A typical view from the flat acreage on the western side of the property.
The small home and workshop at the eastern edge of the property.
Between the house and the stream is an extensive banana grove as well as corn. The property is bisected by a pretty year-round stream.
This banana grove fills the shallow slope between the house and the stream.
The year-round stream flows through the acreage somewhat east of the midpoint.
There is much level high ground on the west side of the stream. The quebrada through which the stream runs is fairly wide and shallow.
On the western high ground are small fields bordered by lines of trees.
The stream that bisects the 9.2 acres flows through this lush valley.
The kitchen. The living room and dining area.
The owners are senior citizens who have lived in this house for 20 years and kept it in good condition. The kitchen is well organized and the living/dining area is comfortable.
The road from the lake past the house is a second way to get to Tronadora. To get to the level lakeview acres across the stream. a road must be made up this slope.
The road - here about 500 meters up from the paved lake road - is a handy, little- traveled back way to Tronadora
Here's the problem area on the property for someone who wants to build on the lakeview side. An old road up this slope must be restored and a bridge built.
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