Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A52 9.4 acres with stream and 3BR 1BA house - just $291,000, negotiable
Here is a beautiful property with great potential for enjoyment and investment. Much of it is gently sloping segmented pasture with lines of trees separating the various plots. The nice variety of terrain includes, in the northern quarter, a year-round stream that wanders prettily through the acreage, well contained in a deep quebrada (gully) and thickly shaded by bordering old-growth trees. This finca is conveniently located just a few minutes from Tilaran, the governmental and business center of the Lake Arenal region. There is a small 3BR 1BA house already on the farm. The house could serve a buyer permanently or temporarily while a new home is built on one of the many lovely sites on the farm. There are many properties for sale at Lake Arenal, and this is one of the best, especially for its reasonable price and great value.
To the west the important town of Tilaran sits on a hilltop. To the east is the high rolling countryside and the tiny village of Monsenior.
To the west is Costa Rica's nicest town, hilltop Tilaran, as seen from this farm.
To the east, toward Monteverde and Arenal Volcano are these rolling hills.
A year-round stream meanders through the north end of the farm. The farm has much cross-fencing and tree lines separating and protecting various sections.
A year-round stream rambles through the north end of the property.
Fencing and lines of tree protect pretty lots from the cows on the farm.
Impressive old-growth trees curve through the farm along with the stream. A large water tank is kept filled from a well by a pump.
Impressive old-growth trees shade the meandering stream.
A large water tank is supplied from the farm's own well.
A lane leads through the center of the farm to the stream at the north end.
A significant  part of the farm permits natural growth instead of pasture.
This corridor, used now by the 20 cows, leads from the road to the far end of the farm.
Large portions of the property are left to natural growth rather than pasture.
The house has 3 bdrooms and 1 bath as well as living room, kitchen, laundry room, and extra room, but is quite small. This the road from Tilaran just before the farm.
Though it has 3 BR and 1 BA as well as living room, kitchen, laundry and extra room, the house is very compact.
The lane from Tilaran reaches the farm about 400 yards from the neighborhood called La Cabra.
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