Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A55 5.5 acres of amazing beauty and fertility for adventurous loners - $119,000
This hillside farm in the complex Guanacaste mountains south of Tilaran is isolated yet it's near an intersection of three challenging roads that reach it not only from Tilaran but also from Monteverde and the Interamerican Highway, each under an hour away when the roads are not too ravaged by seasonal rainfall. No, this property is not for just anyone, but perhaps for the motorcycling green-thumbed hermit who loves to explore when not reveling in the dreamscape extending from his mountaintop westward to the Pacific and northward to the dormant volcanos of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The current owner, who farms a larger property below this one, apparently believes Gringos are so smitten with views that they'll pay good money for this extraordinary vista even though getting here will require a good 4-wheel-drive vehicle and excellent driving skills. He's asking 3,000 colones per square meter (about $5.35 at the current exchange rate), making the asking price about $119,000 for the 5 1/2 acres. We've imparted a dose of reality and think he may accept a lower offer, not a common reaction in this country, where owners may well raise their price instead of negotiating toward a middle ground. There are farms scattered all through these mountains, so the isolation is not perfert. In fact, the village of Cerro de San Jose is only 5 minutes away while the larger Libano is under 20 minutes away and Tilaran is just under a hour and will be less when the road from Tilaran to Libano is paved within the next year.
The Gulf of Nicoya can be seen clearly from the farm. Beans and guayabas are two of the thriving crops here.
The foothills and fertile flatlands lead westward to the Gulf of Nicoya.
To the south, these hills continue to Monteverde through several villages.
Beans continue to the forested peak of the property. A grove of young papaya trees are providing a good crop.
The upper half of the farm is covered in beans to the woods at the top.
A grove of young papaya trees is already producing a good crop.
The church in Cerro de San Jose. The soccer field is worthy of a national team.
The village of Cerro de San Jose, a few minutes away, has a fairly large church.
The village soccer field is bigger and better than most us soccer fields.
The farmer walks through his thriving beans toward his papayas. The road to the Interamerican Highway passes the lower end of the farm.
The hard-working farmer walks toward his papaya grove. The farm is surrounded by woods and has two springs.
The road to the Interamerican Highway in the Guanacaste lowlands passes the lower edge of the farm.
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