Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A59 6.54 fertile farming acres nearly beside lake - $261,000 negotiable
Despite being within spitting distance of the lake, this lovely property does not have a lake view. it's in a pretty vale alongside the paved San Luis to Tronadora road. They've been raising a few impressive hogs here. There is also a section full of perfect "Christmas" trees, orange trees, other grassy crops, and a strong stream.
The property has extensive open land decorated with native and fruit trees. A healthy stream emerges from the shrubbery.
Lake Arenal is on the far side of the trees.
Here's some water on the property, though.
There are a few very productive orange trees. in one area, perfectly shaped "Christmas" trees are growing.
Orange trees are among the agricultural features on the property.
"Christmas" trees have a large area at the north side of the 6.5 acres.
A few huge pigs are being raised. The acreage is on the left side of the San Luis to Tronadora road.
They know how to grow big hogs.
The San Luis to Tronadora road, farm to left.
A trail leads from the road down the north side of the property. The nearest neighbor is at the top of the slope next to road.
The path down the north side.
The nearest neighbor is up by the highway.
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