Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A62 3 3/4 wooded lakeview acres on secret lovely promontory - $195,000
Several North Americans have bought most of the promontory - almost a peninsula - where the village of Aguacate used to be located before the lake highway was rerouted farther away from the lake. (The remains of the old Aguacate school foundation can still be seen nearby.)The former road, now used only by land owners on this promontory, reachs these properties in just a quarter mile from the paved new road. A right turn onto the lane shown below accesses three of the four acreages on the promontory. A62 is the property to the right of the lane shown below. On the left side of the lane is a 2.2-acre property which is also for sale. Off the beaten path, these properties are wonderful for peaceful homesites. The present 3 3/4 acres have alongside the lane level areas with fine lake and territorial views. The land then slopes down a mostly wooded slope to a stream. A mixture of native flora and fruit trees grow from the fertile soil. This broad promontory has a uniquely enjoyable feel to it and is well worth a visit.
Here's a nice homesite with a great vista of rolling hills, forest, and lake. Directly to the west, there's a fine view of Lake Arenal.
Looking northwest from the top of the property.
A view across the lake to the west.
This lane is the final bit of the quarter mile access road from the main highway. The property is on the right and the acreage across the lane is also for sale.  The property descends from the level area beside the lane to a wooded quebrada with a stream that flows to the lake within a couple of hundred yards.
The lane that serves three of the four properties on the peninsula, one of them now beautifull landscaped by owners planning their retirement home.
The flowery level area of the property leads to interesting complex slopes which end in a wooded stream. This view goes on to three dormant volcanos in the Cordillera Tilaran.
This quiet historic promontory with fertile soil is surrounded by lush forest. Here is the south side of Lake Arenal as seen from the promontory.
The acreage borders thick woods.
The south side view from the promontory.
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