Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Price chopped to $200,000, negotiable
A69 A great buy: 41 captivating volcano-view acres with river, forest - $375,000
The 41-acre property has wide Lake Arenal views.
Just about 15 of this property's 41 acres are presently in pasture. Much of the rest is protected forest, a status which frees the owner from payng property taxes. This beautiful acreage is reached just 300 yards above the paved lake hghway at the village of Aguacate, but it extends far up the mountainside, giving it wide views of the lake and also of Arenal Volcano. There are fine building sites at various elevations. In addition to the Aguacate River, which borders the acreage for about 900 yards along the entire east side, there are many natural springs. Those who wish to farm would find this soil very fertile. The indigenous first and second-growth forest supports much wildlife, including scores of bird varieties. At just about $2.25 (now only $1.20) per square meter, this acreage is priced far below most other properties despite its superior attributes.
The Rio Aguacate runs through the proprty. Th Aguacate River is shaded by indigenous trees through most of its length.
The Rio Aguacate borders the east side of the property for about 900 yards.
The Rio Aguacate is a year-round river shaded by forest most of the way.
There's great varity to the terrain, including nice building sites such as this one. The finca includes protected forest, which frees the property from taxes.
A building site with forest and lake views.
The forest is a thick shelter to many animals.
The old-growth forest has some rain forest qualities. While the finca has been used to raise cows in its pastured areas, it is extremely fertile, as these mushrooms illustrate.
There's much variety to the indigenous trees.
Impressive results from the fertile soil.
The property has several levels and slopes. A path winds through the woods.
About 35% of the acreage is in pasture.
A path in the forest.
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