Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Reduced further to $224,000 1/4/10
REDUCED TO $262,750
A70 4.4 acres with long river border at Tilaran - $350,000 or offer
This long, fairly narrow pastured property has an interesting location. It occupies a shelf on the hillside between hilltop Tilaran and the lake highway just before that highway reaches Tilaran. The entrance drive is reachd through a small neighborhood on the edge of Tilaran. A year-round river runs for over 400 yards along the northern edge of the small finca and around the eastern tip. Despite its nearness to Tilaran, the property itself seems quite rural. It is surrounded by woods and has valley views. The highway is three hundred yards below the finca and cannot be seen. The owner is uncertain what price to ask for the property and has started off a bit high.
The 4.3 acres open widely with a stream on one border and a hillside on the other and forest beyond. The wide pasture raches a hill that crests in a Tlaran barrio.
The small finca occupies this wide shelf between a year-round steam and a slope that reaches the edge of the town of Tilaran. One could walk to the post office from here in 15 minutes.
The property borders the stream for about 340 yards. Looking west toward the property entrance wth Tilaran houses on distant hilltop.
The small river borders the whole long north side and curves around the eastern end.
Beyond the entrance to the property are houses in a hilltop neighborhood in Tilaran.
The entry drive into the property is borderd by a line of trees. The only building on the property is this small tack building/shelter for two horses.
Behind a Tilaran neighborhood, this lane leads to the property.
The only structure on the property is this small corral with barn for two horses.
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