Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A72 231 hectarias near Tierras Morenas with lake views - $1,800,000
This huge property of over 570 acres is reached by the paved Sabalito road at the north end of Lake Arenal. Recognizing, as many don't, that one must lower prices per meter to keep large properties affordable, the owner is asking just 80 cents per square meter. The majority of the property is forested with both old-growth and second-growth indigenous trees. There are 10 springs, 3 rivers, and waterfalls. For hundreds of meters the property is bordered by state lands, ensuring that it will continue to be neighbor to unspoiled forest land. We will be adding photos of the rivers and waterfalls.
The huge property has in parts broad views of Lake Arenal.
On the northeast side, the huge finca is close to Lake Arenal.
The vast acreage includes some pasture, a majority of forested hills, and three rivers with some waterfalls.
From the southeast entry area, the finca's complex terrain rolls toward the lake.
The complex terrainhas beautiful forested hills. The paved Sabalito/Tierras Morenas road leads to the property.
The three rivers have cut deeply into the terrain. There's no lack of water.
The paved Sabalito/Tierras Morenas road leads to the finca 15 minutes from Tilaran.
This secondary road leads from the paved Sabalito road to the property. Much of the 570 acres is in very thick old growth and secondary growth forest.
A short drive on this secondary road reaches the ranch from the Sabalito road.
Here's a repetitive photo we hope to replace with one showing a river.
The property approaches quite close to Lake Arenal and has good lake views. There are vestigial internal roads which lead to far areas of the acreage.
From this spot, one can far far eastward toward Arenal Volcano.
To some extent, one can travel through the vast ranch by car on vestigial roads.
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