Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A73 Fine ranch of 29 acres with 3BR house, good value at $310,000
This property is the very model of a well maintained ranch, the house, corrals, outbuildings, gardens, and stock all in excellent condition. It is located less than 15 miles from Tilaran on the western slopes overlooking the Guanacaste lowlands. Since the 10-mile-long road from Tilaran to Libano is being paved, this area is becoming very accessible. The house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and is served by electricity, telephone, water, and satellite TV. The acreage is partly forested and has a productie natural spring. The price of approximately $310,000 works out to about $2.64 per square meter, an exceptionally low rate and an exceptionally good value for a property of this high quality.
The ranch is located on the western slopes near Libano and has views of the windturbines and volcanos to the north as well as to hills and forest all around.
This ranch in the western foothills near Libano has longs vistas to the northern volcanos - here covered by clouds - and the lines of wind turbines capping the hills at the northwestern end of Lake Arenal.
The house, with TV satellite dish on top, sits in a nicely shaded area. Above the house, the gentle hills climb eastward toward a modest mountain.
The 3BR 1BA home has all services including satellite television. The working farm is in fine condition.
The 38 acres of variable and lovely terrain climb toward the mountains separating the region from Lake Arenal.
the farm buildings and fencing are in fine condition. Currently, beef cattle are raised on the acreage and are a handsome, well cared for, herd.
Past the gardens the outbuildings and fencing are in new condition.
Presently the rancher maintains a handsome herd of beef cattle.
This pretty sloping and shaded meadow shows the variety of landscape on the finca, including much forest. this photo shows an easy and level entry road leading to the house just inside the edge of extensive forest.
The variety of terrain on the finca is exemplified in this sloping, shaded meadow.
The finca has an easy level entrance road to the home at the edge of a large forest.
The finca has a 3BR 1BA Tico-style house in good condition. The house is not fancy but it's well kept up and pleasant.
The compact neat house, nicely situated, has satellite TV and phone service.
The interior is in excellent condition with tile, fresh paint and hardwood cabinetry.
The house has a modified open plan without high ceilings. The good condition of the house includes the roof.
Unlike many small Tico houses, this one has plenty of cabinetry.
Though there is much ariety to the 38 acres, the house house is in a large level area.
The 3 bedrooms are not large but are brightly windowed. The bathroom is in good condition with recent tile, good fixtures, and a shower.
The bedrooms are fairly large and bright.
The bathroom is in excellent condition.
A couple of miles before the ranch is the village of Libano, where on this fiesta day the church is surrounded by visitors. this fairly substantial church is in the tiny village of Cerro San Jose a couple of miles south of the ranch.
Between Tilaran and the ranch is the village of Libano where a fair finds people in the street. Libano is about 10 miles from Tilaran.
A couple of miles south of the ranch is the tiny village of Cerro de San Jose, where there is this fairly large church.
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